Event in the Czech republic, Kopřivnice

Article about Ellen in Czech media

Interview in a Slovak magazine

Villa 900, Lesmo, il battesimo di piccolo Paolo Michele, febbraio 2018

Cara Ellen,

grazie per aver reso unico e speciale il battesimo del nostro piccolo Paolo Michele: la Sua musica meravigliosa ci ha emozionati.

Grazie per la Sua disponibilità e gentilezza, per la Sua educazione, garbo ed estrema bravura, doti ormai rare e preziose.

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 Cari affettuosi saluti

Daniela, Andrea e Paolo Michele 

Interview for MUZICNOTEZ.COM

Piano City Milano, Italy

Event in Brno, Czech Republic

Dívčí válka, Prague, Strašnické divadlo

” I did a session of musico-therapy with Ellen because I am also musician and curious about therapy methods. We spent more than an hour together that she divided in three parts. All were very interested. I recommend Ellen for being professional and also caring about my feelings and emotions. To me, Ellen is a beautiful musician woman which works with passion in a complete naturel way. When we were done with the session, I felt released and happy to start my day ! So thanks Ellen for your work and see you soon. Perrine ” 

Reference by Perrine, a music teacher from Zurich, Switzerland:

Article about Ellen in Alpi Fashion Magazine, Italian fashion journal

Invitation for musipoesia performance in Brno, the Czech Republic

Photography from Les Clés d’Or Prague 2019

The top musical agency of Hanspeter Kruesi in Switzerland that Ellen collaborates with: