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I started teaching piano because I enjoy giving my knowledge and experiences to my students. My philosophy as a teacher is always to develop great relation between the student and the instrument. My students enjoy classes, because I present learning music as something one should see as pleasure, not as obligation. And I consider positive emotions related to the subject crucial for further progress.

One of my core beliefs is that the classes should be conducted based on mutual consentment between the teacher and the student, as well as on healthy and balanced relationship between both parties. It means that student can participate while selecting repertoire, exercises and is welcome to talk to the teacher about methods and practices he or she does not like and desires to substitute with different exercise.

I always teach my students from the basics, or strenghten the starting point if I happen to have a first class with an intermediate student, and explain them (especially the small ones) that learning music is like building a house. Together, from the bottom, we have to build a solid foundation, and cannot start building it from the roof. We build and strenghten our knowledge step by step and with solid basis, we grow and monitor results and progress. Like that I assure myself that all my students understand the importance of learning music theory and various simple technical exercises, that are necessary for following practices and advanced songs.

What I find also important for „swimming“ in the music industry is not only the ability to play the piano. It also means to be able to present the skillset that one possesses in front of other people. No matter if it is a family living room, a small bar, a luxorious villa or a concert hall. Being able to perform for (sometimes) several hours in front of audience requires calm mind, ability to completely focus on playing, no matter what is happening around, being able to overcome fear, healthy confidence and strong mind. I have met several great musicians, that were not able to move their career further simply because they were not able to perform publicaly. That motivated me to give mental support to my students and help them with finding venues, where they can perform even just as practice, just to get used to playing in front of unknown listeners. It also keeps them motivated, because they can see and meet various people, who react on their performance. So it serves as natural feedback from a different source that their teacher and close circle of contacts, and brings them to the reflection of their own practice, as well as to the consideration of their music future. Because I believe that a student, who wants to make music and performance as his or her career needs a different approach than a student, that desires to play an instrument for his own pleasure and does not have ambitions to exhibit it publicaly.

This is always a question that I ask my students at the beginning and during our mutual journey – about their musical goals, desires and dreams. Like that, we can create the most suitable tailor-made classes that will bring satisfaction to me as a teacher and most importantly to my students!

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