Ellen was born on the 3rd of September 1992. She grew up in Hradec Králové, the Czech Republic. She started studying music in her early age of 5. When she was 10, she won a regional piano competition. In her 18’s, she moved to Prague because of her law studies on Charles University. But her passion to arts was stronger than anything else. And she started performing again. In the Czech Republic, as well as in Italy.

She performed in the most luxorious venues around Northern Italy, such as Ca’Bianca, a historical “milanese” venue known for its shows and performances, a five star hotel Pierre. She performed live in radio and her own song was heard in various on-line radios around the country. Among her clients was IKEA for their company Christmas dinner, MontyRich for ther business congress or Nomia for a charity event in Hradec Králové, a city in heart of Europe.

Ellen appeared in a TV serie produced by PRIMA TV, one of the most important TV stations in the Czech Republic, she attended acting courses in Prague, led by Markéta Pellarová, a DAMU graduated. She was interviewed by various magazines and collaborated with fashion companies such as TIGI Italia, Bohemart and Noell Maggini.

Currently, Ellen is studying singing and trying to improve her performances, as well as she is working on her debut CD that should be full of interesting collaborations!